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Budget friendly deals and elegant iPhones are displayed at New iPhone Deals. Our web portal is formed to address users’ needs for searching and comparing alternatives before they invest their money on correct iPhone. As there are three worthy Apple iPhone to choose from, you would find the information displayed at our comparison site very helpful to make a decision.

About iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S

Apple iPhone is best known for iOS apps, good camera, impressive processing chip and smart design. With every new release Apple’s smartphone offered advanced iteration and much better hardware. Let us see how iPhone evolved after receiving that iconic edged design and iSight camera on back panel.

The forth generation model of Apple smartphone begun new era of iPhone, without bulgy casing and low-end camera. Significantly new features were introduced with redesigned iPhone 4 which includes 5 mega pixel iSight camera (with LED flash), FaceTime camera, and A4 Soc with 1GHz fast cortex A8 CPU. Also, the 3.5 inches screen received enhanced “retina” display at 330 ppi pixel density. Apple incorporated it with iPhone OS 4 that offers very basic but useful features like iBooks, multi-tasking, folder system and few more.

With similar looks as its predecessor, power-packed iPhone 4S was unvalued in October 2011. This iPhone was better in processing with dual core advancement of new A5 chipset. iPhone 4S hardware changes also include addition of second antennagate and 8 mega pixel iSight camera. The fifth iPhone features iOS 5 with more improved apps. More importantly this phone was introduced with fully voice controlled Siri beta that can understand your natural language (English UK and US most prominently) and assists in different task.

Latest iPhone

In 2012, new iPhone 5 offers you most advanced features of Apple’s OS and developed Soc. iPhone 5 has 4 inches big retina display and at 16:9 screen it is most attractive device for the those who want to enjoy movies and LTE 4G fast web browsing. Visibly thinner and 20% lighter, iPhone 5 is most luxuriously designed Apple smartphone that boosts A6 chipset with quad core CPU and tri core GPU. This phone has better 8 MP rear camera and new 1.2MP HD FaceTime for video calling via Wi-Fi and cellular data. iPhone 5’s iOS 6 offers you new features like Apple maps, Siri with new capabilities, Passbook, DND mode and many more.

Prices of these three iPhones are generously discounted by network service providers under contract deals. You can search deals at New iPhone Deals to find out cheap offers for 8, 16, 32 or 64 GB iPhone in black or white.

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By Tuesday, May 21, 2013. category: iPhone 5S release date, news

Devoted devotees of both iphone 5s and iphone 6 news will recall the dripped parts that arrived a week ago, which uncovered a conceivable change for shade decision when we meet an iphone 5s discharge date sometime or another in the not so distant future.

Today, we needed to clear up a couple of things concerning the iphone 5s discharge date and when we will have a more solid thought of a launch window. In the event that you’ve possessed all eras of apple iphone, for instance us, then you might know how Apple works regarding their telephone discharges and this seldomly updates unless they hit supply issues (as we saw in later years). Read More..

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By Tuesday, May 21, 2013. category: news

Now is the right time for our week after week gathering of fresh out of the box new and striking applications for iphone, ipad and ipod touch. It blankets applications and diversions, with the costs implying the starting download: so (Free) might mean (Freemium) in a few cases.

Searching for Android applications? Check without much fanfare 30 most efficiently Android applications roundup, which was distributed prior in the day.

Here’s without much fanfare practically identical ios choice: Read More..

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By Saturday, May 18, 2013. category: news

Fruit has documented a patent that could make the new iphone an a great deal additionally energizing suggestion for might be picture takers.

The patent, discovered by Apple Insider, records a framework whereby the prevailing iphone can remotely control other enlightening apparatuses, in a comparable way to that seen in expert photography studios.

What’s intriguing however is that this isn’t constrained to “slave” mechanisms, which generally are glimmer globules that work from an optical sign from the principle Polaroid. Read More..

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